Trends In Home Remodeling



Trends In Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling Discussion with Finecraft Contractors

Range Hoods Inc sat down with Finecraft Contractors, Inc. to discuss trends in home remodeling. Finecraft Contractors is a general, independent contracting company. It has been in business for the past thirty years and renovates and builds homes in the Washington, D.C. area. Their projects have been featured in a variety of publications. Finecraft Contractors has proven their quality and service over and over in their award-winning projects.

Range Hoods Inc: What makes Finecraft stand out while being compared to other contracting companies?

Niko: “Because details matter most,” is the motto of our company and we take it very seriously. As customers become accustomed to their new homes and/or remodel, the small details become more and more noticeable.

When people sit down in their living rooms, or family rooms, and start looking closely at the space their contractor put together, if the care and dedication isn’t put into the details, then they will notice that, and they won’t feel happy with their home.

At Finecraft, we understand this; thus, we put care and attention to detail in every step of the process to ensure our customers can enjoy their new home to the fullest. We want them to think of their home as a comfortable and quality space. We don’t produce cookie cutter work; we care about the details that make people feel at home and happy with the remodel.

Range Hoods Inc: Please explain the steps of the remodeling process you use with clients?

Niko: This video explains the process:

The steps include an initial meeting with plans and an estimate, a pre-construction meeting and a schedule. We want the client to be in control and to feel free to make changes (when time allows). We want the client to be happy with the end product and to have creative control. Even beyond the project, we don’t completely disappear. We want them to know we’re here for them.

Range Hoods Inc: What does your company do to make families more comfortable during their remodel?

Niko: We put forth our best effort to keep the home livable. We don’t want to force families to leave during a remodel because we know it can be expensive to temporarily move out of the home. Other times, people don’t want to overstay their welcome if they’re staying with family. It can also be difficult to relocate with children.

During a kitchen remodel, we will often set up a temporary kitchen for the family on the wall between the kitchen and the dining room.

We also try to make the family comfortable by closing up the doorways to the kitchen. This keeps the dust from going into the rest of the house and makes it seem like we’re not there. We like them to continue living in their space without having their lives interrupted.

Range Hoods Inc: What is the kitchen trend that people ask you for the most?

Niko: It really differs from project to project, and it depends on the style of the kitchen we’re working on. However, open kitchen is a big trend we’re seeing right now. In an open kitchen, the kitchen is integrated into the rest of the house instead of being closed off. This encourages people to spend time together while preparing meals and eating.

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