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Custom Art 

When it comes to custom art, FineCraft Contractors offers something truly unique and special. We specialize in statuary and wall hangings, which can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. Our art is hand-crafted and highly detailed, making it the perfect addition to any kitchen or bathroom remodel. We partner with Leonor Lanza E and Peter Erdei, leading international artists across a wide range of disciplines, like sculpture, painting, and murals. Click their names to enter their world of art.

Meet the Artists-

Meet Leonor Lanza E

Mexican-Venezuelan transdiciplinary artist Music composer, vocal performer, multi-instrumentalist and plastic artist. The artist’s work tends to relate painting, sculpture, performance, audiovisual and music, so they have developed a creative language that she defines as Music in Visual Tone for the stage and the seventh art.

In her Panama residence, she has made individual and collective exhibitions, given workshops, performed in concerts, acted in plays and coordinated the Creative Industries axis for the Global Network of Mexicans Abroad of which he is a Founding Member.


It’s in my name, it’s in my family.

Erdei derives from the Hungarian word “Erdö” which means forest. ERDEI literally translates to “the man from the woods”. And this truly is my origin. I have been surrounded by wood and Old-World Craftsmen my entire life. My family has been doing this for generations now.

Life at Erdei Designs is simple. I work with wood to create breathtaking pieces of furniture for you.

You see, every tree tells a story.

When we salvage a tree, we work hard to give it a new future.

The artist at work
The Artist at work

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