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What's Next?

Introducing ourselves

We’ll meet with you and provide you with a complimentary site visit and consultation. If you have questions we’ll provide answers. If you have plans ready to be estimated we’ll provide you with an estimate. If you don’t, we can help.

Getting to know the FineCraft family.

The next step to take while waiting for your estimate is a tour of our projects. Come see our work for yourself and get a “feel” for what it’s like to have a project done by FineCraft.

Estimating your project

Estimating a project depends on size and workload. Since we produce estimates in the order received, it’s not unusual to wait 2-3 weeks before getting an estimate back. We’ll keep you informed about our progress.

Going over the estimate

Once we deliver the estimate you may need assistance in understanding the details, and that’s why we’re here. We consider it our job to help inform you about the nuances of your project.

Getting started

Before we get started on your project we have a pre-construction meeting to go over the starting date, hours of operation, what door to use to get in and out of the house, what plants to save, etc. We’ll go over over important terms if we haven’t already, and let you know who to contact for what.

Your team

You’ll have a team that will be in charge of executing the job and ensuring all goes according to plan. This includes coordinating inspections along the way. If you have any questions you’ll always have a Project Manager and a Project Coordinator to go to.

Finishing the project

The work we perform is guaranteed for 1 year. Within this timeframe feel free to contact us so that we can address what’s needed. No worries, you’ll have a designated person to help with anything that needs a little TLC after the project is completed.