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It’s in my name, it’s in my family.

Erdei derives from the Hungarian word “Erdö” which means forest. ERDEI literally translates to “the man from the woods”. And this truly is my origin. I have been surrounded by wood and Old-World Craftsmen my entire life. My family has been doing this for generations now.

The artist at work

Life at Erdei Designs is simple. I work with wood to create breathtaking pieces of furniture for you.

You see, every tree tells a story.

When we salvage a tree, we work hard to give it a new future.

My grandfather was a master carpenter. He was born in 1902 in Romania (which used to be Hungary). He learned to be a Master Carpenter in the city of Mezokovacsháza. I still have his Master’s Certificate. My father is an amazing carpenter, too, having been taught by his father. In the European tradition, my father taught me as well. 

He taught me, “Erdei’s do not assemble furniture, we build living pieces of art that last for lifetimes to come.”

Focus, dedication and attention to detail are a lasting part of the Erdei family tradition.

As a young kid, I would spend summers and spring breaks in my family wood shop just to watch and learn from the masters. And I never lost my love of wood as I grew older. The fact is this: the wood gets me. And I get the wood.

When I look at our creations I get goosebumps every time. So I wanted to take a minute to tell you my story.

I love salvaging trees and imbuing new life into them for our customers. My job is understanding the art that God has created in nature and releasing it for you. It is more than a passion, it is my lasting love.

You can see this tradition reflected in everything I create & build.

I sincerely hope you get inspired by our work. 

I am here to serve you with the best of my abilities.

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